Mar 05, 2012
Phoenix, Winners And Other Stuff Includin’ Some Left Over From Daytona

Granny Grump
Granny Grump
Hello loyal readers and other folks. Hope y’all had a good weekend. Well race number 2 is out of the way. The Trucks were off this week which gives me a little more room for some of my other stuff I didn’t get to talk about from last week, but more on that later.

Saturday afternoon the Nationwide Series hit the track in the Arizona desert. I have to admit that this track ain’t one of Duck’s or my favorites. Oh my good and gracious LORD Duck and I do love short tracks and this 1 miler sure as heck qualifies as a short track, but it just isn’t up there towards the top of our “short track favorites list” if ya know what I mean. I’m not sure why we feel this way but we always watch it just the same and the finish of that race Saturday might just change the way Duck and I view a track that is smack dab in the middle of cactus, buzzards and stingin’ thingies. Time will tell I guess. Course I’m not promisin’ that understand, I’m just sayin’.

Anyway, Denny Boy landed the pole. Ricky Jr (and I don’t mean Ricardo neither) started 2nd, and Funny Man Kenny started 3rd. For those who want to know WYG started 9th, Happy Man started 12th, G/B Brad started 7th and that girl started 30th. The rest you can look up.

The lead changed early in the race when Baby Face Bayne took the lead on lap 8. Duck and I really like that boy and were cheerin’ for him. Course that lead only lasted 3 laps but at least that boy lead. Know what I mean? Anyway by lap 68 that girl went down a lap. The lead bounced back and forth between the Cup drivers until lap 174 when Curly Sadler passed G/B Brad. That was the 1st time Duck and I actually got off the new divan and on our feet. Yessirree we were cheerin’ Curly on! And that rascal held that lead and won the race! Good, good and good for him I say! That boy hasn’t won a Nationwide race since 1998. Yahoo and pass the buttermilk! Duck and I were so pleased! G/B finished 2nd, Ricky, Jr finished 3rd and Happy Man came home 4th. That girl finished 30th 3 laps down. Sad for her (and Duck and I really mean that) I say and the rest you can look up. Just so ya know, 7 Cup drivers were in this race (with Rowdy Boy bein’ his own owner). More on the Cup guys in this race later too.

Duck and I were ready for Sunday’s Cup race. Yessirree we were. We got up early, did all the chores early, fried up some green tomatoes and liver bits for snacks and settled down on the new divan with some fresh cider on the new crates.

There was a seasoned veteran on the pole which had Duck and I excited. Mark Martin (whose smile reminds me of my late husband’ Elmer’s which I know is neither here nor there) won the pole with his first qualifyin’ lap. Smoke started 2nd, Smith started 3rd, Not Same Champ Jimmie started 4th and JuanToya started 5th. For those who want to know Happy Man started 8th, to Duck’s dismay Flippin’ Carl started 24th, JR started
29th and that cute Aussie started 14th. The rest you can look up.

As you know I can’t and won’t do a lap by lap deal here but here’s my highlights. Smoke took the lead on lap 2 when Markie couldn’t hold on. Then on lap 11 Not Same Champ Jimmie passed Smoke. Oh my good and gracious LORD the lead was passed around like a hot potato in a toss game let me tell ya that one somethin’ right now. With 7 cautions, a bunch of wall smacks, JR’s car fairly much not really runnin’ good, Big Brother Busch lookin’ real good in his new ride, sometimes it was a bit hard to tell who did what when. Know what I mean? Anyway Denny Boy took the lead somewhere around lap 260 and just held it. G/B Brad and Happy Man tried to take it away from him and Happy was workin’ Denny Boy real hard and would probaby have taken the lead in the last couple of laps but that boy ran out of gas right close to the end and Denny Boy won! Good for him I say!. (Didn’t I read where that boy recently moved to Cactusville?) Anyway somehow someway Happy Man held on to 2nd spot follwed by Biffle, Not same Champ Jimmie and G/B Brad. Good for them all as well I say! For those who want to know Rowdy Boy finished 6th, JuanToya finished 11th, JR somehow finished 14th and poor Flippin’Carl finished17th. Duck was in a bad state as you could have figured and went straight to his room. I tried to tell him there were some real good drivers and real good cars who did worse than Flippin’ did and that there is a lot of racin’ leftin this here season but he just wouldn’t listen, no how, no way. So I just gave up. I mean what is a Granny to do with a dejected duck anyhow? Oh my good and gracious LORD I hope this ain’t a sign of Duck stuff to come this race season. Time will tell I guess.

So there you have the race reports part. Now for some other stuff some of which is leftovers.

First off That Girl Danica. Now she had a tough time last week, purely true enough. 3 races,and 3 wrecks. That’s some tough stuff right there no doubt about it, but the way she talked about her team mate Cole Whitt wreckin’ her was just nasty. I mean really! She used that real nasty word sayin’ all kinds of ugly stuff. Now look a here. He is a rookie, but hello girl! You are too missy! You both are learnin’ here and will be for quite a spell. Yes you absolutely deserve to be in NASCAR girlie but so does that boy. And for Pete’s sake girl he is your teammate! You aren’t the 1st to say bad words heaven knows, but actin’ like your tailpipe doesn’t stink won’t do you any blasted good as far as this Granny is concerned.

Also it was good for this Granny to see 2 of the Green boys startin’ the Nationwide race. It’s been a spell since 2 of ’em have done that even though they are havin’ to park it early. I always liked those boys.

And there were 7 Cup regulars in the Nationwide race. Course one of them was Rowdy who owns that team and is sharin’ drivin’ duties with Big Brother Kurt so I guess they are now considered regulars. Now looka here, I know runnin’ the Cup and Nationwide and even sometimes the Trucks can give a driver a pretty hefty bank deposit come Monday mornin’ but it sure hurts some of the lower moneyed Nationwide regulars. Some of those teams and drivers need to compete in order to take care of their families and employees. It’s their only means of support! Oh I know as race fans we love to see the Cup drivers as often as we can and it definitely helps put bodies in the grandstands but that truly does hurt the very type of drivers that made NASCAR what it is today. I’m not suggestin’ that the powers that be do away with the Cup drivers all together but could it be possible to limit those to a certain number of Nationwide races they are allowed to run? Just a thought there folks. What do y’all think?

And finally I want to ask what in the world is up with Chad Knaus? Can’t that boy figure out with all the unapproved parts issues he’s been hit with, the penalties he’s gotten from the powers that be and the suspensions which right now he has 6 but ain’t servin’ them cause he is waitin’ on the final NASCAR say so and the fines he and others in that team have had to pay because of him..can’t he figure out he is under the NASCAR microscope? Hello there Chad Boy, that doesn’t seem to make sense. And he said he has run that car exactly the same way before. Well now, just because you didn’t get caught with your hand in the cookie jar the 1st time, doesn’t mean you can get away with it the next or the next or the next. Mercy me boy! Have fumes messed up that boy’s way of thinkin’? Whatever this granny says.

So there ya have it. Second report over and done with. Y’all know the deal. Email, comment or don’t. Don’t care either way cause I’m a very busy woman. ‘Til next time Granny Grump over and out.


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