Mar 12, 2012
Granny Grump: Las Vegas, Ricky Jr, Smoke, JR and Other Stuff

Granny Grump
Granny Grump
Hello loyal readers and other folks. Well the trucks are still waitin’ for their chance to get back to racin’ but they still have a spell to wait yet. They don’t get back to competin’ until the last day of this month. That’s got to be real hard on those drivers to have to wait so long between races. I can’t help but wonder how they fill those days and weekends in between their racin’. I bet it is different for pert near each one of ’em. Most likely some of ’em are out somewhere hittin’ those little balls with sticks but I’m just guessin’. Duck and I have never been able to enjoy that stuff and watch it on TV. Nosirree, it’s just not for us. Not enough action, but that’s just our thoughts on the subject. Know what I mean?

Anyway the Nationwide Series and the Cup drivers headed to Las Vegas known to some as the City Of Lights or Sin City. Course I spent some time there awhile back with some girls I met at a bus stop and I just had myself a wonderful time. I still hear from the girls from time to time. Such sweet things they were to me but they were up all night and needed to wear more clothes and sleep more in my opinion and I told ’em all as much but they would just smile and say,”Yes Granny.” Right respectful they were to me but all of that’s neither here nor there so back to this week’s racin’ report.

That cute as can be Curly Sadler grabbed the Nationwide pole with Kutie Khane, WYG, Brian Scott and G/B Brad roundin’ out the top 5. For those who want to know that precious little Markie started 7h, “That Girl” Danica Patrick started 12th, Rowdy Boy started 20th in his own car and the rest you can look up. No lap by lap as y’all know but even with 7 cautions it seemed like a fair to middlin’ race, not the most excitin’ race but we enjoyed watchin’ none the less. 6 Cup drivers were in this race. And 3 girls raced that day! Now that has got to be a record and good for all 3 of ’em I say! They always talk about “That Girl” Danica, but this time they talked a little about Jennifer Jo Cobb too sayin’ she was a good racer but doesn’t have the money that Danica Girl does. Course neither does that Johanna Long girl either so Duck and I both hope that that changes soon enough. Both of those other girls are pretty little ladies, too!

Anyway Ricky Jr took the lead on lap 150 and held it to win with Markie finishin’ second. Good for both of them I say! Apparently this was Ricky Jr’s 3rd series win and the first time a Nationwide regular driver has ever won this Las Vegas race so good for him on both counts! Markie finished second followed by Curly Sadler, Baby Face and that Gaughan boy. For those who want to know WYG finished 7th, Kutie kahne finished 10th and Funny Man finished 19th. That Girl finished 12th and Cutie Sadler remains the points leader 15 points ahead of WYG. Next week they head to Bristol. Oh my good and gracious LORD, Duck and I can’t wait! Talk about excitin’!

Course the Cup series took to the track at Las Vegas on Sunday. Duck and I were truly hopin’ this race would be a little more excitin’ than the previous day’s race. I’m not bad mouthin’ the Saturday race ya understand, I’m just sayin’.

Anyway Kutie Kahne started on the pole, Rowdy Boy grabbed the second startin’ spot but had to go to a backup car after a tangle and damage with JuanToya in practice, so then Happy qualified 3rd and JR grabbed 4th but with JuanToya havin’ to go to the back of the field in a back up car JR moved up in the 2nd spot. For those who want to know Smoke started 7th, Not Same Champ started 6th, Flippin’ Carl started 21st to Duck’s dismay and Jeffie stared 16th. The rest you can look up.

Now this race started off amazin’ and actually stayed that way as far as Duck and I were concerned. Well for me more than Duck cause Duck’s major idol started near midpack. Anyway right off the bat JR took the lead and was showin’ some amazin’ stuff right there, let me tell ya that one somethin’ right now. Why by lap 73 that boy had lead 70 of those laps. I was a yellin’ as you can well imagine. Even Duck was cheerin’, Course his driver was movin’ up too but he likes JR a bunch also. Anyway on a pitstop JR’s team took 4 tires when most everybody else took 2 and as they say the rest was history. That boy just couldn’t get back his original gusto but the crowd was excited while he was leadin’ let me tell ya that one somethin’ right now. So anyhow this race saw 8 cautions and some amazin’ up fron battlin’, and in the last part of the race it was Smoke in the lead battlin’ Not same Champ Jimmie. Accordin’ to the announcers those 2 drivers have done this one/two place tryin’ to win dance 12 times before but Smoke held on for the win. Good for him I say! Not Same Champ came home 2nd followed by Biffle, Flyin’ Ryan and Flippin’ Carl. For those who want to know, JR finished 10th, Happy finished 11th, Jeffie finished 12th and Rowdy Boy finished 23rd. The rest you can look up. Duck was unhappy that Flippin’ carl didn’t win but he took that 5th place finish like a man duck this time, thank our good and gracious LORD! All in all it was an enjoyable race afterall.

Now for some other stuff. Seems the Harvick’s have jokin’ly nicknamed their little boy in the makin’ Otis. Some people think that is a funny name, but Duck and I don’t. Nossirree. Otis is a fine name. Why one of our finest city leaders was named Otis. Yessirree! Why Otis Flankerton was a fine man. He did a lot to see to it the pot holes on main street got filled after every rain and he was also the one who first had the idea of “The Runnin’ Of The Ducks” day celebration. Did a lot for these here parts, let me tell ya that one somethin’ right now, so for Happy to name his 1st boy Otis Harvick seems a fine idea to Duck and I. Has a nice sound to it, doesn’t it? A good, hard workin’, down to earth name. Yessirree! We like it!

Also on the other stuff list is that we may be hearin’ of NASCAR’s decision on Knaus’ and the team chief’s fate. Wonderin’, wonderin’…that’s what a lot of us are doin’ . Are you and what do you think should happen?

And finally “That Girl” Danica has decided to put less pressure on herself and not expect to win all the time or even to not say she is gonna contend for the Nationwide Championship. Good for her I say! Be realistic girl, yessirree! My daddy, bless his soul, always said you can’t jump into a full bean pot and expect to be the first one to float. No truer words were ever spoken.

So that’s it for this week’s report. Email, comment or don’t, Either way I don’t care cause I’m a very busy woman.


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