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Oct 15

Granny Grump: Charlotte, Winners, Allmendinger, JR and Other Stuff

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Granny Grump
Granny Grump
Hello loyal readers and other folks. I know I have been absent from writin’ duty the last couple of weeks but stuff around here has just been a bit loonier than usual. I won’t get all caught up in the whys or hows and fact is folks, it’s my business. Well it’s mine, Duck’s and Dirk’s if that duck sticks around here for any length of time which is a constant source of debate in this here household of late but that’s neither here nor there.

I don’t have time to review these races of this past weekend in the usual Granny Grump way. Nosirrie I do not, but I will cover the winnin’ part of Charlotte and the points part in this here writin’ and then move on the the other stuff.

Course as y’all know the Nationwide and Cup drivers were racin’ in their own backyards, that bein’, of course, Charlotte. Duck and I love that track. (Don’t rightly know what Dirk thinks. Still can’t understand that boy yet.) But who in their more or less right mind doesn’t love Charlotte? Know what I mean? So let’s just get to this task at hand cause I have some pressin’ appointments at City Hall this afternoon.

So Friday evenin’ the Nationwide drivers hit the track cause the Trucks were off again. Curly Sadler sat on the pole. By the way before the race they showed him walkin’ around with his little boy, and folks, that baby is as cute as his daddy! Yessirrie he is! Oh Duck and I were oooin’ and awwwin’ all over the place about that young’un. Don’t know what Dirk thought cause I can’t understand that boy yet which is neither here nor there, I’m just sayin’. Anyway WYG was 2nd, Wide Smilin’ was 4rd and the rest you can look up if ya don’t already know or can’t remember. Long story short only 10 cars finished on the lead lap. Curly remains the points leader 13 points over Ricky, Jr. and you can look up the rest of the points too. So good and so sad for whoever and wherever it belongs. Movin’ right along…

So Sunday we did our chores around here early, Dirk included. Course he doesn’t like havin’ to earn his keep. How do I know that you may ask considerin’ I can’t understand him yet? Well folks duck grumblin’ s all sound the same. Now that anybody could figure out. Know what I mean? Anyway Duck told him, as per my directions, no chores, no eat’in, or sleep’in in the house for that matter of fact neither.

Anyway we had a chance to rest up some and take a little nap so as to stay awake for the entire Cup race, again at Charlotte. Biff sat on the pole and that cutie Mark Martin was outside him. The rest you better remember or look up. 17 cars finished on the lead lap. Unfortunately Regan Smith fillin’ in for JR wasn’t one of ’em cause his engine blew up on lap 61. Sad for him I say. Anyway Clint Bowyer won ahead of Denny Boy. G/B Brad still sits in the catbird seat of the points with NSCJBMAS 7 points behind him and the rest of all of that that you can look up too. And place the good for him/her/them or sad for him/them/her stuff where it fits.

Now for some other stuff. That darlin’ lookin’ Ricky JR got a little snippie with his crew chief or spotter, whichever it was who was givin’ that boy his seconds behind the leader. Mr. Snippy Ricky sounded down right nasty when he said he didn’t want those times. Said it 2 times he did! Well heck fire, bells and balls there Ricky boy, if that were me I wouldn’t tell you another doggone nothin’ again until your engine blew up 60 laps short of the end. I would claim radio problems for awhile and then and only stuff I would I tell your smarty pants butt in long drawn out words…y-o-u l-o-s-e t-h-e-r-e p-a-!. Course that’s just me but I’m just sayin’. So whatever.

And there’s some real big news. Wide Smilin’ is set to maybe smile even wider when he climbs behind the wheel of the #22 car next season. Yep! That boy is headin’ to Penske replacin’ the ex 22 regular Allmendinger who was suspended earlier this year for substance abuse. Just to keep the record straight though AJ has been cleared to race again.and did so pilotin’ the #51 car this past weekend fillin’ in for Regan Smith who was filin’ in for JR. Shoot Fuzzy…I’m even gettin’ a bit confused here and gettin’ of slight case of head spinnin’ so movin’ right along……

JR decided, and rightly so folks, to sit out the next 2 races because of bein’ diagnosed with a concussion followin’ that crazy melee mess at Kansas. Oh everybody has their opinions but looka here folks…those concussions injuries are SERIOUS business. And besides that boy answers to Mr. Rick, GOD, his sponsors, himself and his family, not at all necessarily in that order. If he doesn’t do what is best for him then who will? Oh I heard Rusty talkin’ about the fact that he didn’t sit it out way back when and probably wouldn’t today if he was still drivin’. For heavens sake Rusty, does it take a non safer barrier wall to fall on you or more importantly stop you faster than your brain stops inside your head? Good grief man, make some sense. If, God forbid, JR never races again then he will still have more race fans years later (like his daddy does) than most racers have durin’ their careers and you can bet that boy will be makin’ a lot of racin’ money one way or another. Naysayers beware,,,JR fans can get ugly two of which are me and Duck. I don’t know what Dirk thinks cause I can’t understand him yet.

So got to get headin’ in to town. I will fight these citations with my last drop of gasoline, but that’s neither here nor there and my business. Know what I mean?

Email, comment or whatever. You know the deal. Granny, Duck and Dirk (for the time bein’ at least) over and out.

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