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Jul 02

Granny Grump: Kentucky, Winners And Some Interestin’ Other Stuff

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Granny Grump
Granny Grump
Hello loyal readers and other folks. Hope your race weekend was a good one. Duck and I surely and purely enjoyed it. Yessirree we did so let’s get down to brass tracks (get it?) shall we?

So this here weekend all the NASCAR drivers headed to that pretty Blue Grass state. It’s real pretty no doubt about it but let me tell ya one somethin’ right now, when I was wee one my daddy used to load us up in the back of our old pickup truck and head there to see some of his family. Why there’s parts back there that are plumb scarey to this day. Why back then Daddy said some of them country folk slept with their shot guns and I hear tell some of ‘em still do in some of the more remote areas, but that’s neither here nor there. I’m just sayin’.

Anyway this was another one of those changed up race weekends. Almost caught me and Duck off guard if ya know what I mean. But we found out and tuned in to see the Trucks racin’ on Thursday. Why we didn’t even have time to get any snacks together. Oh well I said as we settled in last minute, pert near, to see that Crafty Matt was on the pole followed by Piquet, Jr., Buescher, WYG and Paludo. For those who want to know Handsome Hornaday started 11th, Rock’em Sock’em started 6th, Bodine started 13th and the rest you can look up. I only recall 1 Cup driver runnin’ in there and Duck agrees with me. Course y’all know Kentucky has it’s own brand of racin’ justice and injustice. Only 17 of the 36 trucks finished on the lead lap and Duck and I were upset to see Bodine and Piquet, Jr wreck fairly early on. That just plain ruined their day with Bodine finishin’ 28th and only 69 of the 150 laps and Piquet, Jr finished 29th completin’ only 68 laps. Sad for them I say! Why even rookie and one heck of a driver little ol’ Cale Gale finished 25th 10 laps down. Yep Kentucky is a tough place for some and a good’un for others.

Anyway James Buescher won the race and GB Brad did real good turnin’ his 17th startin’ spot in to a 2nd place finish. WYG came home 3rd followed by Crafty Matt and TP. Good for all of ‘em I say! For those wantin’ to know Handsome finished 9th and Rock’em finished 6th. TP took the points lead, Lofton moved down to 2nd, WYG is still 3rd, Buescher is still 4th and PK is still 5th. The rest of the race finishers and points standin’s you can look up.

So then the Nationwide drivers filled up the Friday racin’ spot but Duck and I were aware this here time. Now Duck and I were very touched by the title of this race “Feed The Children 300″ so we looked it up and it’s mission is a wonderful one. Yessirree it is. So we were excitied to watch the race knowin’ it was gonna cause awareness for this organization as well as give us all some racin’ excitement. Why we even had time to pick out our snacks and get ‘em on the crates in time so we cheered and quacked as the green flag flew for WOG, Happy Man, GB Brad, Hornish and Stenhouse (both Jrs by the way). For those who want to know Cutie Sadler started 12th, Buescher (from here on out to be know as JB) started 13th, That Girl started 11th, Dave Blaney’s boy Ryan started 14th and BBB (Big Brother Busch) started 8th. The rest you can look up.

Now this was a 200 lapper and by lap 11 there were already 7 cars out of the race and by lap 48 2 more hit the garage area for good. Shoot fire only 29 cars finished the race and only 8 finished on the lead lap. Course this is a mile and a half track so back of the packers are gonna get lapped and sad for all of ‘em I say! Course as far as WOG was concerned he finished where he started. BBB finished 2nd followed by Happy Man, Annett and Allgaier. For those who want to know GB Brad finished 7th, That Girl finished 12th, Cutie Sadler finished 9th and Buescher finished 10th. The rest you can look up. Duck and I counted 4 Cup regulars in this field. As far as the points standin’s WOG and Cutie Sadler switched 1st and 2nd with WOG comin’ in on top. The 2 Jrs (Stenhouse and Hornish) are 3rd and 4th and Allgaier is 5th. The rest you can look up.
So course this all meant that Cup was racin’ Saturday. Duck and I are still all switched around because of it. Why I cleaned the pig pen today, a full day ahead of schedule dadgummit. Anyway NSCJBMAS Jimmie started in the catbird seat followed by Rowdy, Denny Boy, Happy Man and Flyin’ Ryan. For those who want to know Smoke started 22nd, Flippin’ Carl (to Duck’s dismay) started 25th and JR started 7th. The rest you can look up.

This was a 267 lap race. Our electricity was havin’ fits on us like in so many other places around here. The lights and TV were a flickerin’ in and out once in awhile but Duck and I held the faith. We had to see the end at least and thank our good and gracious LORD we did! And what a finish it was too! Duck was pullin’ for JR like I was because Flippin’ Carl wasn’t a win possibility. Kutie Kahne, Jeffie and Denny Boy were in the mix too along with Jimmie. but in the end GB Brad took the checkered followed by Kutie, Denny Boy, JR and Jeffie. For those who want to know Jimmie finished 6th, news maker Robo finished 7th. Rowdy finished 10th and Flippin’ Carl finished 20th. Duck is down but won’t be long let me tell ya that one somethin’ right now. I’m not havin’ any of it, let me tell ya that one spmethin’ right now, but anyway Robo is still the points leader, JR is back in 2nd, NSCJBMAS is in 4th and Denny Boy is 5th. The rest you can look up.

Now for some other stuff. First off headlinin’ the news is that Robo Matt, one of our favorites, is leavin’ the Cat In The Hat stable. I couldn’t believe my ears and eyes on that one. Wow, no Matt with The Cat In The Hat? What in the world is all of that? Well folks, in this particular case it’s his choice per-i-od. Gonna be funny possibly pullin’ for someone new in the 17 car but it is what it is folks. Duck and I will pull for Matt no matter what number or car he’s toolin’ out there. Know what I mean? Matt’s one smart and talented rascal. Good for him I say! Just wish we get the final word on this soon so Duck and I can get our “used tos” workin’ before the 2013 season. Know what I mean?

And course there’s all kinds of wonderin’s as to who will fill that seat. Don’t do any good a wonderin’ if ya ain’t got a say so and we ain’t, so…. Know what I mean? That’s where we get who we get fits. Yessirree it does.

And did y’all see that pretty little blonde by Tony? I only point her out cause when Duck and I spoke about the pretty girl with JR we all got news on who she is among other stuff. All Duck and I can say about this Tony girl mystery is if she is a Tony somebody she sure is a pretty, sweet little Tony somebody right there. Know what I mean?

Also I read this week that J.D. Gibbs would like to keep Joey Boy forever. Hhhmmm now that is amazin’. I didn’t think in racin’ there was much at all that is forever. Course the news said they (JGR) would “like” to keep him forever…didn’t say he was a prisoner or any ol’ such. I think those involved there have plenty of time to decide who, what, when and where. Know what I mean?

So there ya have it. Email, comment or don’t cause I have tree limbs all over everywhere, which and way to clean.up as if I’m not a very busy woman anyway. So ’til next time…Granny and Duck over and out!

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