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Jun 04

Granny Grump: Dover, Bodine, Wide Smilin’, Not Same Champ Jimmie And Other Stuff

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Granny Grump
Granny Grump
Hello loyal readers and other folks. I had to take a couple of weeks off from my race report to clear my head of some bothersome woes. Yessirree I do get ’em from time to time which is neither here nor there to y’all. I’m just sayin’. I just had myself a couple of weeks worth of writer’s block, I guess it was. The words just wouldn’t come dadgummitt. Well some words would come but I couldn’t put those to print if ya know what I mean. Why my boss man would have had my boots a scootin, if ya get my meanin’. Anyway, not sure enough to share what I think was the why yet I do have my suspicions. But enough of all that and with my apologies made let’s get on to the task at hand.

So we had ourselves a weekend full of monster madness and in some cases literally but more on that later. Anyway the Trucks took to the track on Friday. Bad weather was a loomin’ so the drivers were wantin’ to get after business so they did. Daddy to be Happy Man was on the pole followed by that Coulter boy, Handsome Hornaday, Rock ’em Sock’em and Cale Gale. For those who want to know WYG started 6th and Ward’s boy Jeb started 7th. The rest you can look up. So with snacks and drinks on the crates we cheered and quacked as the green flag flew in hopes we would see all 200 laps of crazy excitin’ racin’.

All seemed to be goin’ in that direction but on lap 124 the first rain caution happened. This was worrisome cause that was more than half the race and all the drivers wanted another crack at at it. I believe Happy Man had the lead at the time of that caution but pitted when they started again which gave TB the lead cause he stayed out. It all worked well for Todd and the crew cause it started rainin’ again a short time later and NASCAR called the race, but it sure was excitin’ while it lasted. TB won, so good for him I say, followed by PK, Happy Man, Piquet, Jr and Cale Gale. Bodine needed that win. That man hadn’t won since back in 2010. I read somewhere that he had a 30 plus somethin’ winin’; dry spell goin’ so another big ol’ good for him I say! Some oh so dumb folks say when that happens the driver is washed up, done or is a has been. The Truck Series is a perfect example of that not bein’ the case if ya know what I mean. That such foolish type of trash talkin’ stuff just burns my bread, let me tell ya that one somethin’ right now. The rest you can look up along with the points standin’s. And here’s another big ol’ Good for Bodine I say!
Anyway next day was the Nationwide race. Ryan Truex landed the pole. That’s a big ‘ol good for him I say. Baby brothers sometimes don’t get the attention and atta boys they deserve unless they are buttheads like, uh, well nevermind. Wide Smilin’ started 2nd followed by WYG who made his Nationwide debut (that word looks like “da butt” to me but whatever I say) , Ricky JR and BS. For those who want to know BBBusch started 9th, WOG started 11th, That Girl started 17th and Hornish started 10th. Funny stuff right there that I put those 2 together, snicker, snicker, but more on that later too. The rest you can look up.

Coach Joe must have been bustin’ his buttons all over pit road with his boys startin’ in the top 5. Green flag didn’t last no time at all though cause 1st caution was in lap 3. TA hit the wall. So this was typical Dover racin’. Up fronters were movin’ around and cars were rear endin’ each other or bumpin’ and/or wreckin’. It was a don’t get too comfortable sittin’ down kind of race for us watchers. Yessirree. Why Duck was enjoyin’ himself thank our good and gracious LORD and so by gosh was I. By half way there had been 3 cautions and Wide Smilin’ was the leader and had lead all but a couple of laps. Mercy sakes that boy “woke up” on Saturday. Know what I mean? Then on lap 133 That Girl got bumped by NOT HER BESTIE Sam and she wrecked with the Sweet boy (well I guess he’s sweet). She never got back in the race. Sad for her I say! Anyway not much reason to do anymore but give you the results. This race was pert near all Wide Smilin’ with a little action from others sprinkled in the mix. There was a total of 6 cautions. Gibb’s boys took 1st through 3rd= Wide Smilin’, RT and BS. Big Brother Busch which I now believe I will simply call BBB which could just as easily stand for Bad Boy Busch finished 4th, Allgaier finished 5th and Childress’ boys WOG, Cutie Sadler and WYG finished 6th through 8th. The rest you can look up while you’re checkin’ out the points standin’s. Wow to everybody and good to all of ’em I say too.

So Duck and I chatted a bit, chucked a bit, finished our chores and then turned in early. We were ready for the Cup race. Yessirree we were. I spoke to Duck about the possibily that Flippin’ Carl might not do well considerin’ that this is Dover and Flippin’ Carl is mired up in one of those bad luck areas to racin’. I also pointed out that it doesn’t matter to any loyal fan if his or her driver is havin’ bad luck, that the fan just wants their driver to hang in there and realize that their victory days will return just like his lost bed bonnett and shirt did. Seemed to help a bit so off we went to sleep.

We got up early to get our chores out of the way and discovered low and behold our TV wasn’t workin’. We were panicked so we jumped in the truck to head to town to find a TV somewhere to watch. I knew the barbershop bozos would have it on and decided I would beg if I had to but the truck wouldn’t start. Oh my good and gracious LORD we had to sit this one out! What to do? What to do? Why we just sat there lookin’ at each other so bored like. I told Duck this was just silly that we would just do what we do when the race season is over then I realized we were doin’ what we do when the race season is over. Amazin’ly the TV came on later in the day and the truck started to. I’m pert near sure it was due to some prankster’s doin’s. Sad state of affairs that is. Anyway this is what I have learned about the race since:

Not Same Champ but still tryin’ Jimmie won his second race of the season. Jeffie’s bad luck just keeps a goin’. JR must have looked amazin’ out there accordin’ to the reports and finished 4th, Smoke wrecked along with 12 other cars in some sort of melee on lap 9 or 10. Most of ’em didn’t return to racin’ and while Smoke did he was a bunch of laps down. Happy (soon to be father) Man finished 2nd, Robo finished 3rd and Bowyer finished 5th. 19 cars finished on the lead lap and the rest you can look up but hopefully you got to watch it.

As of this reportin’ I still have no reason for the raceday TV difficulties Duck and I endured but if I ever find out someone did somethin’ to our TV or truck then whoa be to their backsides and frontsides for that matter! That’s all I’ve got to say on that subject.

So one of the other stuff I want to talk about is BBB Mr. Kurt. That boy just seems to be a mouth that keeps on mouthin’ if ya know what I mean. He was just about as ugly as he could be to 2 reporters and cussed at one. I don’t know about that boy…seems like he just can’t learn from his mistakes. Here’s a hint for ya there Mister Kurt…if ya feel angry just go to your motorhome, don’t talk to anyone and eat some pie, LOTS of pie! It may be sugar ya need boy! Ya know, sweets to sweeten ya up a bit. At least it’s worth a try. Sure can’t hurt and it may just save ya a bunch of fine monies, trouble and maybe even your career boy! Just a suggestion ya understand but try somethin’. Know what I mean? MERCY!

And then there’s that stuff between Sam Hornish, Jr and That Girl. So Sammie boy doesn’t like her, huh? Big racin’ deal there Sammie. You are bumpin’ in to NASCAR’s newly discovered sweetheart there boy. Everybody is just lovin’ that girl. Besides you couldn’t possibly look as good as she does in a mini skirt and spike heels. Get a grip boy. I just don’t see how you can win that one. Not now anyway Sammie. Remember what they say honey…patience tastes nasty at first but if ya chew on it long enough you’ll find out there’s a nice surprise in the middle!

So there ya have it. That’s it for now. Email, comment or don’t. You know the rest! Granny Grump and Duck over and out.

P.S. For anyone who could have proof (and would offer it up to me) or any truthful information on any TV and truck mischief on Sunday, there just might could be a jar of gooseberry jam in it for ya…Duck’s favorite ya know!

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